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Hustle and Motivate


We knew that creating a premium wine brand would be difficult. We saw it being done first hand all around us, but the big difference is that our pockets were a little more shallow than the typical winery.  We knew that if we wanted this to work, we would need to put in a lot more sweat equity than our competitors. 


We wanted to use the best of everything. The Cadillac of packaging. All our wines are bottled in the best glass with the best cork and the most expensive labels that money can buy. Our wines come from the best vineyards in Napa and Sonoma Counties. We were raised to respect what the valley gives us. 


Creating the inaugural Cabernet was going to be a challenge. This fruit was from the mystic Diamond Mountain AVA. It would require all the bells and whistles to do it justice. We didn't have the best vehicles for transporting 110 cases of MA SIlva Sajama glass from Calistoga to John's mothers garage, but we made it happen.


Something we learned from the chefs in Napa Valley is that you eat with your eyes first. So we applied that same philosophy to wine.

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 7.31.48 PM.png

Ty Christian painting The Ghost of Autumn in Alston Park in Napa

Danasabe Mohammad on the set of The Ascension of Hope inside Bottega, Yountville

Winemaker Fernando Candelario thieving barrel samples.

Director and filmmaker Dave Schloss using a drone inside of Bottega while filming The Ascension of Hope

Slowly, but surely, our small brand took flight. 


 We were invited to the national Boy Scout's of America live auction at Charles Krug winery where we donated one of our custom box sets


House party at John's celebrating the inaugural release. 


After selling out of the initial 10 custom box sets from Spring Mountain Case Company, we made our first big purchase


Our first publication in a wine magazine

Just when everything was moving in our favor, March of 2020 stopped the world from moving. But it didn't stop us...


Danasabe Mohammad would paint the Ascension of Hope series. The Ascension of Hope portraying a young boy losing his joy for a moment as he surrenders his balloon for the greater good of the world.

Mohammad would paint The Ascension of Hope II portraying a firefighter offering a California Golden Poppy in honor of the first responders of the fires of 2020.


Eventually, we would make our mommas proud as we were announced the cover spot on Napa Valley Life Magazine.


At the end of the day, we want to tell the story of the real Napa Valley. We were born and raised here. We know the things that the books can't teach you. You just had to be there. Be bold, be brave, be the solution.

Enjoy without prejudice


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